The Price of Gold and Celtic Saint Hubertu As Well As Crucifixes in 2010

The ethical evolutionary Saint Hubertu growth and development of the human condition is extremely complex. The task of advancing human evolution involves the recognition of past scientific mistakes and acting accordingly. Modern science has classified itself as an incurable carcinogenic state leading to certain extinction and that is not ethical. Ancient Greek science on the other Saint Hubertus Medal hand, knew of the extinction of life forms from fossil evidence and invented an atomic science, specifically so that civilization Saint Hubertu would not become extinct. During the 3rd century BC, Plato’s Academy actually called it the Science for ethical ends. At the Epicurean University the ethical atomic first principle logic applied to the movement of the moon influencing Saint Hubertu the female cycle by resonating with the atoms associated with female fertility. This resonance was held to explain a mother’s love and compassion for children and belonged to the Science of universal love. Its teachers were called Saint Hubertu Saviours, saving civilization from the destructive properties of unformed matter of chaos emerging from the atom, as envisaged by Plato and Philo.

The search for first principle logic, in Saint Hubertu particular concerning the real nature of carcinogenic growth and development, is of paramount importance. Under these circumstances the recognition of scientific mistakes requires an exacting reexamining of ancient science Saint Hubertu itself. While associated intuitive religious beliefs are very relevant, it can be considered to be demeaning to leave them tied up in knots of unfathomable complexity rather than to obtain a more astute understanding of our commitment to them.

Scientific geniuses representing age old scientific thinking, related to the destructive property of unformed matter (nuclear detonation) emerging from within the atom Saint Hubertu to destroy civilization, existed. They included Plato; the father of ethical scientific research in the Western World, Philo; who linked Greek science to Hebrew culture, and Al-Haytham; the Islamic father of optics. Isaac Newton, a devout Christian, published that the ancient Greek first cause principle logic explained gravitational force correctly. He argued that it was a pretensious mistake to hold that the mass of objects in space caused gravity (see Newton’s 28th Query Discussions). Plato, Philo and Al-Haytham stated that by developing a science based upon the concept of all knowledge being derived from the senses, in particular from vision, would cause the destructive property of unformed matter to emerge from within the atom to destroy civilization.

The general global religious reluctance Saint Hubertu to research such profound fundamental scientific mistakes is preventing information and communication research into advancing human civilization in an ethical, non-carcinogenic direction. The consequence of this is the global epidemic, concerning the contagious effects of scientific dysfunctional communication and information.

It is rapidly becoming common knowledge that American medical epidemiologists, appointed by the Government of the United States of America to protect the health Saint Hubertu and wellbeing of communities, have identified an uncontrollable virus-like dysfunctional 3D global epidemic. Scholars have published that is is an emotional control epidemic, transmitted though the mass production of information and communication devices. They have acknowledged that in order to the carry out their epidemiology responsibilities, the best that can be done is to try and mitigate the damage that the virus-like epidemic is causing.


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